Sunbed Tanning

SunIconAt Exotic Tans, we currently offer 4 levels of UV tanning, as well as custom, hand-sprayed sunless tanning (also known as “spray tanning”) by a highly skilled, trained staff.

Our Basic (level 1) beds are UV-A beds with 100 watt lamps. This is the basis of sunbed tanning, and the most economical options. These beds are all 20 minute beds. We recommend starting with lower exposure, and building up to develop your base tan. If you are new to tanning or if you are especially fair, this bed is suited for you further down the road – you should start with our Mid-Grade (level 2) beds.

Our Mid-Grade (level 2) beds use both UV-A and UV-B light. The ratio is approximately 95% UV-A to 5% UV-B. The advantage of the Mid-Grade bed is that it is easier on your skin in the long term, and also primes your skin to accept tanning better. UV-B light causes the melanocytes in your skin to dilate, releasing melanin (the pigment which UV-A light tans). Once the melanin is released into the outermost layer of your skin, the UV-A light then tans the melanin. Those especially fair will benefit most from the mid-grade bed because the fairer your skin, the smaller amount of melanin in your skin. For example: those of Irish heritage tend to have very fair skin, thus the least amount of melanin. Those of Hispanic heritage tend to have a nice bronze color, thus containing more melanin than those of Irish heritage. Finally, those of African-American descent contain the most melanin of us all, creating their dark skin. For a fair person to start in a mid-grade bed enhances melanin production, thus allowing them to tan. Once the base tan is built up, we suggest moving to our High Pressure beds to maximize your tan.

Our Tan Maximizing (level 3) beds are one of the strongest and most relaxing tanning experiences we offer. We have one Cyber Dome bed, and one Cycle stand-up bed. The Cyber Dome beds close completely around you, offering a more even tan than our level 1 and level 2 beds. These beds use 170 watt bulbs, allowing you to tan quicker and darker. These are also 20 minute beds, but are not to be used before developing a base tan. If you’ve tanned for some time and are ready to maximize your color, (getting on a boat and don’t want to burn?) this is the bed for you.
Our Cyclone stand up bed is a 9-minute whirl-wind of UV-Goodness. You’ll love this if you’re in a hurry and need color fast.

Our Sunboard (level 4)  is a high-pressure bed that utilizes almost all UV-A rays. The Sunboard provides a luxurious and unique experience – it does not get hot and it does not close around you. It will ensure that you get a beautifully dark tan, fast. Due to the fact that is essentially all UV-A rays, it has a minimal chance of burning those who already have a base tan.  This bed is 20 minutes that should not be used to develop a base tan. Instead, it should be used after developing a base tan to get richer, darker color.  

Once your base tan is developed, your color can be maximized and maintained with occasional sessions in our high pressure bed.

If you have more questions about tanning, UV-exposure, skin care, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to call the salon at (501) 513-3400 and speak to our knowledgable staff, or to email us. You can also view our price list here.